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I suggest renaming today to Superheroines’ day. We all know that mums are super, but have you ever thought about why exactly? It’s not only about amazing free service 24/7.

Being a mum means you prevail with infinite patience. How else would you manage answering the endless set of questions, all the mess around, fact that what’s one day the most favourite food is the most hated one the other day –  WITHOUT ANY LOGIC EXPLANATION! With kids getting older you have to get over various pubertal performance in a form of verbal comments or even better as very lively facial expression. For instance, I was born with zero levels of patience so the whole motherhood is one big Buddhist exercise. I believe that every mum who manages to raise her kids without at least semi-killing them deserves to reach enlightenment instantly…Namaste!

Mums are always available when a problem comes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a runny nose, fishing favourite toy from underneath a sofa (or lift shaft in worse case) or love problems. We are always ready to solve any issue, any time and IMMEDIATELY!

Also, we know how to make a feast out of nothing. You know the moments when fridge and cupboards are empty and you are just about to panic. Situation seemingly insoluble for an ordinary human. Not for heroines of today. We have the special skill to cook an amazing supper from that “nothing”. 

We are organizational goddesses! Only mothers are able to do as much in one day as others in a week! Get everyone ready in the morning, drive them all to their schools, kindergartens and afterschool clubs (each in a different part of the city, obviously), go to work, grab a lunch with friend (very important to stay social as prevention of losing mind), buy birthday gift for mother in law, socks and boxers for partner, do the weekly food shopping, swing by a hairdresser on the way home, do the homework with kids, feed everyone, tidy, do the laundry and in a meanwhile solve all the fatal unsoluble problems of all family members and friends. And all that and more done on time. It’s impressive, isn’t it?

We know the secret of magical hugs and kisses. Really! Only mums have the special skill to relieve you of pain with one kiss. Physical and emotional too.

And last but not least is our biggest superpower – unconditional love. Even when the kids are super-naughty or they slip up big times we always forgive them. Because we, mums, just love. Full stop. 

So I would like to encourage everyone to remember their own heroin today a let her know that she rocks!