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When I got the offer to take part in “ No makeup week challenge” with the rest of the Harpersbazaar’s editors I didn’t hesitate for a second. I am struggling with my skin for some time already and despite my age, I still get blemishes and occasional breakouts. I even was thinking a couple of times about getting pregnant again just to enjoy the spotless skin given by the pregnancy hormones. But I reckon it’s a little bit hash solution with short-term effect only, but with a massive impact on my entire life. In light of this, the week challenge looked like a much easier and SAFER way to healthier skin.

I was so excited about it that I didn’t even realize the biggest BUT. Even though I am not used to heavy make-up, old habits die hard and at least BB cream and lipstick are for me as essential as toothbrush and toothpaste in the morning. 

The first day was tough. I felt like I was naked and I had the constant feeling like if I had forgotten something. I got the impression that every passerby must be thinking: “Poor woman, looking after the twins takes up all her time so she has no left to look after herself!”. I even caught myself not looking into other people’s eyes as if I was afraid of any confrontation. From a stranger! How silly, right?

But how the days went by I sort of stopped thinking about all this. From all of sudden, I started feeling freer. I didn’t have to check my bag for powder and lipstick every time I was leaving the house. I didn’t have to run to the bathroom to fix my lipstick after every meal. And finally, I didn’t have to spend all the time with eye make-up removal in the evening. One thing with another I had saved at least 30 minutes every day. And that is enough to squeeze in a quick yoga practice or to finally read a few chapters of the book you have been reading for the last couple months. 

When it comes to a condition of my skin after this little experiment I have to say that it got surprisingly better. In general, my skin is much less oily which is a little miracle in this heat. I also see a wee improvement on the spots and blackheads. And even if I have a new break out it heals much faster without any bigger marks left. 

I really enjoyed this one week challenge and that’s why I have decided to continue in very similar mode from now on. Not that I am able to get rid of my beloved lipsticks for good, but just the knowledge that nothing horrible is gonna happen if I don’t wear any make-up is extremely liberating. All the fear from the reaction and judgment from other people at the beginning was…SURPRISE…just in my head! Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY! hasn’t asked me a single question nor did any comment for the entire week. So in the end, the challenge of this week wasn’t just about not wearing any make-up, but more about myself and my self-confidence. The biggest challenge was to accept my face the way it is without even a little help. I am not saying I am done with make-up for good. Of course, I will still enjoy to put it on for some occasions when I want to feel special. But, it also feels so good to go out without any long preparations. 

So I am saving this experience to the file “How to love myself the way I am” and I am looking forward to more challenges like this to help me get closer to myself.