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In a previous post, I wrote about why we decided to get a nanny. Now let’s have a look into the search process itself. I implemented my years of experience in Human resources, and it definitely paid off. In the end, you are looking for someone to look after the most precious thing in your life, so it deserves a bit of attention. 

WHERE to look

First, I tried to search for a nanny in various Facebook groups. But, the response was rather mild. So I have decided to use the web portal where I paid for the monthly subscription. The paid profile gives you not only chance to go over the profiles in the database, but you also get the possibility to post your ad.
Your ad is then sent to all potential candidates available in the database who can after contact you in case of interest. Don’t worry. Your personal or contact details are not shared at this stage. All communication goes through the portal until you decided otherwise and share your contacts with a specific candidate.


Take your time when putting the ad together. The time you invest in writing the ad at the beginning will save you much more time in the future when going over the responses. Think twice about your expectations – what the nanny should be like, know and what do you want the nanny to do. You have to decide if you want someone fully dedicated to the kids or if you expect her to help with household too. Also, you have to add the days and times when you want her to work. Please be realistic in setting the requirements. Even the nannies are only human beings, not comic superheroes.
Don’t forget to add information about your family. The basics would be the number and age of kids. But it is also helpful to add a brief description of your parenting style, what kids like to do etc. All this info can help the potential candidate make up their mind if you are the right family for them or not.
Last but not least – salary. Here I would recommend doing a quick search in the website database so you can see how much the nannies ask for based on your specific requirements – language, education, experience, the number of hours per week…. Please, don’t be stingy! Don’t forget that salary should be motivational, not the opposite. 


Take 2-3 days to collect as many responses as possible before you start shortlisting candidate for the personal meeting so you can compare them. Don’t be surprised by the high volumes of replies and take the time to go over all of them. You don’t wanna let the magical Mary Poppins slip through your fingers.
I recommend selecting at least 5-6 profiles with whom you will meet face to face. The first round of selection should be made based on your basic requirements you stated in your ad. Then you should check the reviews of each of the selected candidates – another perk of the paid account. Don’t let a one-time negative review put you off the candidate. Check how the candidate reacted to it. It may have been just a misunderstanding between two people. If the negative reviews repeat – hands-off! Also, pay attention to the overall attitude in communication with each candidate. If someone seems to be quite excited about the job, it usually is a good sign. If someone is showing lack of interest or enthusiasm already in the initial email, it’s not gonna get better with time. Bare in mind that you are not asking the nanny a favour! You are offering a job where you should be both equal partners. 

Once you finish shortlisting and you have your 5-6 candidates scheduled for a face to face meeting you are halfway there. The next stage will be the personal meeting about which I am preparing the next article. So stay tuned!