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It’s happening again. Christmas. My whole life love-hate relationship. There were years when I went full-on – decorating everything, browsing the shops for the best presents which I then perfectly wrapped. And then, there were years like the previous one when I didn’t feel like doing anything. So I went abroad. Just to make sure I don’t have to deal with Christmas at all. 

And this year? This year I have decided that after this hell of a year which peaked with my father’s death recently I will make everything to have a lovely Christmas with my family. Twins turned 2 in November so I am very much motivated by the idea that this Chrismas could be their first memory ever so I want to make it special. And even though the beginning of advent was very sad and difficult I must say I am now having quite a good time. 

Instead of hysterical shopping and fierce cleaning, I am enjoying hot wine with friends, various markets and seeking any opportunity to meet with people I love. The most excited I am about creating our first brand new family tradition with James.

Ceremoniously we went to buy the first Christmas tree which we decorated over the night so kids woke up to it lighting in the living room. I made my first Christmas cookies (only 1 type which is a massive disgrace in Czech republic where everyone makes at least 6 different types of cookies), I did my first advent candle holder (very contemporary one:) and tomorrow I am gonna prepare my historically first potato salad. On top of this, I also managed to get something English. It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas pudding with brandy sauce or James’s favourite Mince pies. God bless Marks&Spencer 😀

And presents! Yes, we gonna have presents. It’s already agreed with Ježíšek (Christmas presents are delivered by Baby Jesus AKA Ježíšek in Czech republic ). And yes, we are monsters who have decided to risk screwing our kids’ trust for the rest of their lives by lying to them about Ježíšek or Father Chrismas. I believe the few years when they can experience the pure Christmas magic is worth it. And I am sure they will forgive us. 

Also, because Christmas shouldn’t be just about ourselves we always try to help those who were not lucky in their lives like us. For last few years I contribute to different charity projects. The last one where we contribute for last 3 years is project to help homeless people Nocleženka where you can contribute not only before Christmas. 

Tomorrow is the last day before IT fully starts. And I have this crazy idea. Let’s skip the last moment shopping or obsessive glass scouring and do something more pleasant. How about meeting someone you haven’t seen for a while and invite them for a cup of hot wine. Or just stop doing whatever it is and make one yourself at home and chill for a while.
I have this childish naive theory that if everyone would do so people would become much nicer to each other and there would be no Chrismas rage.