I started this blog in 2018 from one main reason – save at least the last bits of my sanity while taking care of our twins and my English boyfriend with whom we moved to the Czech Republic in summer 2017. Before we both lived in Malta, where we also met each other.

Honestly, I would never consider myself a conformist, so it naturally has an impact on our family and our lives. So don't expect any boredom or classic family model.

You won't find here any complaints about how maternity leave is not an actual leave (holiday) or that your life is over when you have kids. I am an optimist, and in my articles, I want to show people that life is good, and you don't have to give up on yourself or your life plans even when it could feel otherwise after the baby arrives.

So what am I writing about? About anything that is or was somehow important to me in my life – traveling with kids and also without (yes, even mother can have some fun!), life with a foreigner who's Czech is limited to one word, and that word is “pivo” (beer) but at the same moment is not afraid of dirty nappies and “looking after the kids” is not a rude word for him. I basically write about everything that's happening in our lives in Prague.

Newly I also publish twice a month on harpersbazaar.cz.